During my time, I focused on extracting stories of entrepreneurship, tech culture, and innovation from our collection and bringing them to life in thought-provoking, accessible experiences.  I also helped advise the museum and the center on strategy during its efforts to realign its mission to the changing identity of the broader tech industry.

Part of that strategy involved exploring the institution’s role as an activist agent for change through a nine-part series of videos and accompanying materials entitled Women’s Work (video above), which focused on various aspects of gender bias in the tech industry.  I creative directed and produced the campaign.

In support of Exponential’s effort to establish ourselves as a leader in our space, I created a system for understanding stakeholder and guest archetypes, prioritized methods of content delivery based on those discoveries, led creative workshops and created a design toolkit for the Museum, and helped create proofs of concept across a variety of forms.  This included writing, designing, and playtesting an interactive course comparing the business lifecycles of Apple and Intel, creative directing an integrated campaign, One Word (left), and authoring the successful grant proposal and creative pitch for the Museum’s first exhibit outside the institution, UpStart.